For Secondary Teachers

Thousands of digital resources for you in one convenient package to help engage your pupils

Providing superb curriculum support, the resources are whiteboard compatible, tagged, searchable and embeddable in your own schemes.

Music Coach includes:

  • inspira® Pops – with songs by artists such as Adele, ABBA, Bon Jovi arranged for ensemble and classroom teaching. Includes full backing, on-screen following. Full 6-week lesson plans for each song.
  • ABRSM Copper Music Medals support for 18 instruments
  • starter activities – interactive multimedia
  • World Music songs supported with activities
  • Hip Hop Coach for mixing, sampling, lyric writing and much more
  • VLE packages for self-directed learning on guitar, keyboard, piano
  • beginner instrumental support for 24 instruments for Year 7s with online access at home
  • Music toolkit with cartoons, quizzes, musical terms

The Charanga site is brilliant! It helps to make my music lessons so much more relevant to the kids and it keeps them engaged.

R Spence, Head of Music

A hugely rich supply of digital music resources to help have an impact on the musical life in your school

Charanga Music Coach covers:

Musical activity

Listening and appraising; composing and improvising; performing; exploring and producing

The language of music

Form and structure; genres; melody, harmony and musical elements; musical devices; scales and tonality

Cross Curricular

Geography, Media Studies, History, Religion, Literacy and Spoken Word, other Art forms, Science

Student Challenges

Quizzes and puzzles; musical challenges; fill in the gaps; matching activities


Videos, audio, stills and images

Beginner instrumental lessons for 24 instruments

Charanga has been providing digital resources for 17 years, is currently in thousands of schools and is used by 73 Music Services and Hubs.

It can be hard to find music resources that don’t give you problems with copyright, but with Charanga, we can download it and use it on our school’s VLE.

Emma Lamb, Head of Music

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