For today’s Instrumental Teacher

Engaging. Exciting. Innovative. Interactive.

Resources for:

  • individual lessons
  • small group lessons
  • First Access and beyond
  • whole-class ensemble teaching
  • ABRSM Copper Music Medals
  • 24 different instruments

A programme of training and CPD.

A fantastic resource that engages the student and fully supports the teacher. Learning is fun.

Alex Hodgson, Music Teacher

Music World Professional includes:

inspira® Pops

Using well-known songs by such artists as Adele, ABBA, Bon Jovi and many more with full backing, differentiated instrumental parts, lesson plans and much more.


A years programme of lesson plans and assessment for children learning to play an instrument in a whole class or large group lesson.

A library of pieces of different genres


  • backing tracks
  • tempo variation
  • animated graphics option showing where the notes are on the instrument as the notes are played in the piece
  • loop function for whole pieces or phrases

ABRSM Music Medals

Developed by ABRSM to support learning in a group setting. Charanga has contributed valuable resources for the Copper Level which can complement and enhance your teaching. The resources can be accessed online by your pupils via Music World (see right).

Charanga Music World

For Your Pupils

Access to Charanga Music World Professional entitles you to easily and safely give access to any or all of your pupils to Charanga Music World, an online support programme for 7 - 12 year olds and up to pre-Grade 1 standard.

Encourages Practice

Making the most of children’s ease with computers, the programme supports and encourages their practice between lessons with pieces, quizzes, games etc. You can also assign other resources to them from other Charanga programmes.

Rewards Progress

Badges, certificates, points and virtual “coins” can be earned. Children can create their own avatar, choosing the look and style they want!

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The resources and the way they are presented are technologically cutting edge. The presentation is brilliant.

Matthew Bright, Woodwind Teacher